I just wanna feel amazing

Just want to feel loved and wanted




Have you ever felt a potential love for someone ? Like , you don’t actually love them and you know you don’t , but you know you could . You know that you could easily fall in love with them .

Lol oooh sigh

This is now my favorite post on tumblr.

But then again, don’t you hate when that “potential”doesn’t work out over something stupid and you’re there shaking your head like damn, we could’ve been everything.

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Anonymous said:

top 5 sex positions



360 windmill 

between the legs

elbow deep in hoop

gerald green blowing candles

ball is life

I hate explaining things to the elderly…


should i sign up for snapchat?

I want in on the fun

fuck out of here….

so browsing on facebook when I came across an abortion 101 type post. It said “Eagles eggs are protected by law, But humans aren’t. abortion logic 101.” …. that’s a dumb comparison. One is an animal that’s going extinct….how can you compare the two?